Student Cafe

Here at our Student Cafe & Canteen, we offer our students healthy and nutritionally balanced food. Your child’s well-being is important to us, which is why we have partnered with Sodexo, a leading catering provider to schools around the world, with a mission aligning with the Stamford Food Philosophy of “Healthy Food, Healthy Kids and a Healthy Planet”.

Our food services provider, Sodexo, follows all the guidelines set forth by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and works with nutritionists to provide well-balanced meals. Special care is taken for those with allergies as meals are prepared in allergy-free kitchens.

The purpose of an allergen-friendly school is to create an inclusive environment for students with allergies. With safety considerations, students are also not allowed to share food, and all the food served on our school premises is nut-free.

For better savings and convenience, Sodexo also offers the Semester Meal Plan which is a pre-paid lunch purchase option that saves the trouble of parents worrying about your child’s meal.

For Grades 1 to 5, parents are able to pre-order the meal online by 8 am on the day of the meal itself. This allows the flexibility to select which days you wish to have a purchased meal.