Performing Arts & School Drama Program

Aspiring actors, directors, writers and producers will have lots of opportunities to pursue their dramatic interests at ǿմý. Students put up 8 full-scale theatre productions every year to the delight of the Stamford community. Our drama students’ creative enthusiasm and expertise is given their full potential to bloom in our state-of-the-art Reagan Theater. The only school theater in Singapore with an LED backdrop screen, this 500-seat creative space is the perfect stage for students to rehearse, perform and captivate.

Weekly drama classes begin in Kindergarten and continue to Grade 10. Stamford American also offers International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Theater and the BTEC Performing Arts (Acting) Diploma that prepare interested students for a career in the dramatic arts.

Beyond academic pursuits, our performing arts program is key to developing presentation skills and nurturing self-esteem. No matter what professions our students decide on, we hope to provide them with the skills to express themselves with confidence and clarity.