Students Living Away From Parents

ǿմý (SAIS) is committed to providing support for students who may study and live in Singapore without a parent. Our top priority is ensuring all students reside in safe and well-supported living conditions that promote academic success. Please note that students under 12 years old must reside with a parent in order to enroll at SAIS.

For students aged 12 and older who will not live with a parent, there are three options for guardianship in Singapore:

Extended family member:Parents may elect to place their student in the care of an extended family member such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or family friend living in Singapore. That person will become their appointed guardian. The student will live in their home, and the extended family member will assume responsibility for the student’s welfare.

Boarding: Our preferred boarding provider is Anglo Chinese School’s (ACS) Oldham Hall, the longest-established boarding institution in Singapore. Our staff work closely with the team at ACS Oldham Hall to ensure aligned support and communications. More information can be found on the website.

Homestay: Parents may select a guardian that has their own guardianship practices and business. Homestays are arranged by agents or guardians themselves, with different locations, services, and arrangements. We recommend that parents visit several homestays before making a decision on where to place their student. For more information, please refer to our Homestay Help Sheet

In all three cases, the parent must identify a guardian for the student and ensure the school is informed. Completion of the guardianship form is required.

Temporary Absence of Parents/Guardians:

We understand that there are times when either parents or guardians may be temporarily absent from Singapore. In this case please submit an in-loco parentis form to the divisional office to nominate an adult to whom parental responsibility has been delegated.

For any student living away from a parent, please follow these steps:


  • Inform the Guardianship Team via email guardianship@sais.edu.sg when considering a change in the student’s living arrangements
  • Once a family knows their student will be in Singapore with a local guardian, share the details of the living arrangement with the Guardianship Team. Basic information, living situation and guardianship details will be collected. A meeting with the Guardianship Team may be scheduled
  • Complete and sign the guardianship form provided by the Guardianship Team