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Webinar - Stamford Connects

Stamford Connects – Episode 1

Stamford Connects – Episode 2

Stamford Connects Ep 3

Stamford Connects – Episode 4

Stamford Connects – Episode 5

Stamford Connects – Episode 6

Episode 7 Addressing the Needs of Adolescents

Stamford Connects Webinar Episode 8 – Future of Schools

Stamford Connects Episode 9 – Preparing For Success After High School

Episode 10: Learning Outside the Classroom: Understanding the Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities

Episode 11: A Culture of Care: The Positive Impact on Students’ Academic and Social Success

Episode 12: The Neuroscience of Early Years Parenting: Creating Impactful Connections with Your Child

Episode 13: Raising Bilingual Children: Facts, Myths, Benefits and Strategies

Episode 14: Nurturing Young Minds Through Music: Insights to Inspire, Motivate and Engage

Episode 15: A Successful Summer: Cultivating healthy habits to support your child’s learning and development

Tips and Insights

Elementary School Parent Information Session

ELV Community Information Session – Family Summer Thrive Guide

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