Co-Curricular Activities

Stamford American’s after-school Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Program is one of Singapore’s most extensive, allowing students to explore self-selected interests, develop independence and creativity, to truly personalize their learning journey

Encompassing over 300 activity choices available throughout the year for students from Pre-K to Grade 12, the diverse range of options spans financial market trading to Calligraphy; Model United Nations to Aerospace; and many many more.

CCAs are for Pre-K* to Grade 8 students and aim to be explorative, creative and non-competitive, ensuring inclusivity for all. The innovative CCA online brochure showcases activities via a specialized filter system, allowing families to view activities based on grade level, day of the week, category or campus, to easily tailor the extracurricular program for individual and family interests.

“My teachers care about me.”

Ruby, Grade 3

Similarly, our student-led offer students in Grade 9 to Grade 12 activities across a range of interests, with an emphasis on volunteer opportunities such as Green Lions, Global Smiles, and Gawad Kalinga – helping students give back to wider communities.

We believe holistic education requires stretching boundaries, and that students should challenge themselves both as individuals and as part of a whole school. As such, over 75% of students participate in one or more CCA, and Stamford American encourages all students to get involved in the after-school opportunities available.