Innovative Spaces

Students at Stamford American come to our Innovative Spaces to bring their ideas to life. These spaces are dedicated to empowering the community to explore, discover, and create.

In Elementary School we have a Makerspace equipped with everything from robots to sewing machines. Students use this space to build prototypes using 3D pens and printers, program educational robots and devices, and work with craft materials like clay and cloth. The ES Digital Learning Team also brings mobile-making carts into classrooms to support units with hands-on experiences that bring learning to life. Rather than doing worksheets about number lines, students create code, send robots up and down the number line, and deepen their understanding while having fun.

In Middle and High School, our Innovation Center sits in the center of the building as a hub of learning and community. Every week our Stamford Studios club records and shares a live broadcast of student-focused news for the community. Teachers collaborate with the Digital Learning Team to design units and classes that let the students create podcasts, experiments, and videos to share their understanding. The Innovation Center is a hive of collaboration for both students and teachers.

The Makerspace and Innovation Center are places where students can go with their ideas and where we all help bring those ideas to fruition. Whether it is students printing posters and stickers; competing in a robotics competition; modeling original fashion designs, or building a DIY arcade game, students have fun while they explore, discover, and create.