Field Studies Program

At ǿմý, we strive to provide a holistic education that prepares our students to become leaders who are not only academically proficient but also ecologically literate, compassionate and engaged global citizens. This vision is reflected in our Field Studies Program, which aims to provide a model of holistic, field-based experiential learning. 

That’s why we have partnered with JUMP!, who works with us to integrate the Cognita Outdoor Education curriculum into our Academic Field Studies Expeditions. This integration is done in a way that aligns with the grade-level progression of skill building across four key curriculum areas. By collaborating with JUMP!, we ensure that our students get a well-rounded education that not only focuses on academic excellence but also provides them with opportunities to develop life skills through outdoor experiences.

field studies curriculum

Sequential Experiential Learning Program

JUMP! and Stamford American has partnered to develop and deliver a sequential experiential education program with grade-level learning objectives and clear curricular/advisory program connections. Where each grade has a focus area that overlaps with the following year, impact, learnings and individual growth can be measured year after year.

Year on year, students’ skills and awareness are built in accordance with the Cognita Outdoor Education curriculum, deepening students’ connection to cultures and confidence in the outdoors throughout their time as a student at Stamford American.

Integrated Student Leadership Program

Our student leadership model integrates student leadership into the wider Field Studies experience, with focused training and student leaders taking an integral role before, during and after the Field Studies trip. Student Leaders undertake a 2-day leadership training and are responsible for running pre and post-trip advisory curriculum, helping to integrate the learning from Field Studies beyond the trip itself, and putting leadership skills into practice with their peers.

sequential experiential learning program

Stamford American Field Studies Destinations

Stamford American Field Studies Map

The partnership between JUMP! and ǿմý entails a framework that builds upon existing experiences and focuses on enhancing these experiences by connecting them to the program themes and advisory program learning objectives.

We aim to provide our students with an enriching and fulfilling educational experience that helps them develop their skills and knowledge. By connecting the program themes and learning objectives to the existing experiences, we ensure that our students are able to build upon their previous learning and make meaningful progress towards becoming engaged global citizens.

Testimonial Spotlight

“I realized that everyone in the World has their own way of living. I should better understand the culture and custom diversity and learn to respect the differences.”

“It was the activities that taught me how to push past my limits and explore things
that I haven’t tried before because actually, you will benefit from it if you have the courage to test it out.”

“Four days without my phones really helped me enjoy and immerse myself in our
environment and get to know the people around me.”

“Before I thought a leader should not burden the rest of the group with their own things but now I see that it is ok to ask for other’s opinions and advice, that does not diminish a leader or their skills.”

“I really liked our JUMP! Facilitators because they were really supportive and positive
all the time which was what really brought out the positive mood during the trip as ɱ.”