Kiera, Class of 2019

Psychology with Education (BSc) at University of Bristol

After graduating from Stamford in the summer, I moved to Bristol to study Psychology with Education in September. With the University of Bristol being my top choice university, it was an absolute dream to finally be in the city starting my degree. With the buzzing theatre and music life as well as the incredibly quirky personalities that roam the streets, it’s definitely been the city for me since the beginning.

Elliot, Class of 2018

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical (Honours), Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice at University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

When I first started at university, I expected the workload to be out of this world. I was prepared to live in the library and have my head buried in books day in and day out. While I wasn’t completely wrong, as there were minimal contact hours with lecturers and tutorials, I could not have been more wrong when it came to the “out of this world” workload. Thanks to my IB knowledge, materials, and Stamford approved writing finesse, I had the first semester sorted. Everyone else around me was struggling to catch up, yet I was already ahead of the game. It was all smooth sailing, really…

Adam, Class of 2018 Salutatorian

LL.B. Bachelor of Laws at the London School of Economics and Political Science

The Great Beyond – and by that I mean life at university, and not outer space – is a radically different environment to school, in the best possible way. I will admit, it’s far from what I expected it to be: loads of free time, parties, few contact hours, and a decent amount of literature to digest. I often find myself cooped up in the library for the majority of the day, and the rest in various seminars and lectures. At the same time, there is actually a lot of contact time with Professors, which can be incredibly insightful and entertaining. Though, it does mean you need to constantly be on your game.

Amari, Class of 2017

Bachelor of Business (Marketing Specialisation) — Honours at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

After graduating from ǿմý, I went to NTU here in Singapore studying a direct Honors Bachelor of Business, specializing in Marketing.

Gaëlle, Class of 2016

Now studying: Vatel Madrid

I have fond memories of being in the first graduating cohort of Stamford and to whoever is reading this, I’d like to share with you that life is not easy. You will have to pass through rough patches to be successful in what you want to be.